Frequently Asked Questions

Remodel or overlay variables

How long depending on the sq ft and detail work 3-7.

What is stained concrete?
A true acid stain is a chemical reaction to the line in the concrete. The value to this is there is no peeling and easy maintenance.

What is the price range for a stained floor?
It is unique

Color Choices:
New technology of developed such a variety of stains the earth stains are the acid stains the polymers are very vibrant ... Using custom mixes to tweak the formulas we can use a myriad of colors.

Faux Finish:
What is faux finish?
Faux (french word for fake) and now is commonly used to describe various techniques of custom painting. Different kind of paint techniques...For example, fake marble, clouds

Price Range:
varies depending on detail of work typically a single color wash is $1.50/sq ft and according to detail will go up from there....

How long will it last?
Faux finish will last forever, because of the clear sealant over each technique

Is Faux finish better than wallpaper, yes it is because if you get tired of a color in your room, all you have to do is repaint wall paper you have to take down and start over....therefore, being more cost effective